Like good wine and cheese, crowdsourcing and creativity go effortlessly together. On 12th May 2016, Cosmic People hosted an evening of Cosmic Conversation at the Nimb Vinotek so that industry experts in marketing and innovation could get a taste of this perfect match.

Cosmic People ignited the evening with a discussion on creative crowdsourcing and its disruptive impact on story telling. One of the main points was that crowdsourcing is a tool to harness the collective intelligence of the crowds to produce ideas, films, and digital content in new ways.

That evening the audience got a taste of the process. Industry frontrunner Carlsberg wanted to create something new in the beer market, so they crowdsourced The Adventures of Brewmasters campaign. 104 designers, tattooists, and animators from 23 countries participated in creating a story of adventure, knowledge, and anecdotes.

As the audience sipped their beer, Pernille Arnt, the Marketing Director at Carlsberg, provided insight into the crowdsourcing process and the way marketing and innovation processes may change as a result. She emphasized that the process of working with many creatives rather than a few is extremely rewarding. The diversity of the crowd injects creativity into the firm, sparking innovation that is often hard to kindle in a multinational organization.

See the story of The Adventures of Brewmasters here.



After much food for thought, wine and tapas were enjoyed in anticipation for our next guest, Professor Sheen S. Levine. He carries out pioneering research in the fields of organizational theory and innovation, specifically how people behave and how they impact organizations, markets and other people. The evening of Cosmic Conversation was brought to culmination when Dr. Levine proved that diversity indeed improves the way people think. Discover the thought provoking results in this New York Times article.