When presented with a jar of marbles, would you be able to guess accurately how many marbles were in the jar? This question preoccupied our guests on the 4th October 2016 during a cozy Cosmic Brunch at SULT.

Arranged by The Danish Advertisers Association and Cosmic People this event was the first of its kind. That afternoon around 80 experts from the advertising industry gathered to share knowledge and experience on collective intelligence and crowdsourcing and to learn how these techniques could be implemented practically.

The individuals guessed. And guessed. But it just seemed impossible to predict the exact number of marbles in the jar. Carina Hallin, a pioneer of collective intelligence research, stepped up to the stage and proved that it was possible by aggregating the collective intelligence in the room. The idea is that more brains are better than one.

This small experiment is being used on a larger scale allowing companies to harvest the collective intelligence of their employees. To learn more about collective intelligence behavior and practices of Danish Corporations please click here.

Crowdsourcing is the tool used to harvest collective intelligence. Daiana Fobian Nielsen, the co-founder of Danish Crowdsourcing, emphasized that crowdsourcing is creating a paradigm shift in the advertising business model. For example, it is now possible to move creativity and ideas, thereby facilitating cross-border production.  Open innovation models like these allow companies to engage more stakeholders and to accelerate innovation for their brand.

Collective intelligence is beginning to transform the way the industry works and crowdsourcing as a tool is here to stay.